• Fall Creek Homes is bringing you the newest in Energy Efficient Homes

  • Fall Creek Homes brings Fort Wayne new technology for a more energy efficient home.  Check out Fall Creek’s green homes around Northeast Indiana and find out how they increase energy efficiency and provide a “healthier” home.  

    When you think of a home, you instantly think “shelter from the storm”, so to speak. That’s because people have been taking shelter in homes thanks to insulation for as far back as humans can remember, and like most things having to do with the human condition, we’re constantly innovating.

    ZIP System Sheathing by Huberwood is a far cry from the mud our ancestors so painstakingly wedged between rocks in hopes of keeping the elements out and regulating temperature. In fact, it’s probably the most innovative home insulation product to date, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Did you know that air leakage is one of the guiltier culprits of energy loss? It goes to war with your heating and cooling systems by completely disrupting the inside temperature, forcing your system to work harder. Which causes your energy bill to go up.

    ZIP System does a better job of “sealing the building envelope”, giving you a list of benefits from preventing cool air loss (cooling air is NOT cheap,), which therefore lowers your utility bills It also helps to keep moisture out of your structure than any other sheathing insulation system before its kind. Decreasing moisture decreases the chance of wood rot and mold, both of which can be super expensive and dangerous to your health. Speaking of health, did we mention that Zip System also helps to keep out icky allergens like dust and suspended particulates?

    We are beyond proud to be bringing this technology to Fort Wayne. Keep your eyes peeled for the new ‘green homes’ going up around Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. 

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