• “How do I clean this fireplace?” “I’m freezing! How does this thermostat work?” “Hmmm… I wonder what this light switch is for?” These are all common questions people usually have when they move into a new home. Most of the time you’re either left to figure it out on your own, or just accept the fact that you’ll never know what that light switch does. But that is not how the team at Fall Creek Homes wants you go about living in your beautiful new home. But how do they do it? Before handing over the keys to one of the biggest assets a person can have, Fall Creek Homes thoroughly inspects every part of the newly built home. Then, after we are satisfied with what we see, we set a time and date for your new home orientation where we go over everything from how to remove scuffs from the cabinets, to explaining how to properly operate and care for things such as your water heater, furnace, etc.

    Our main goal at Fall Creek Homes is to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied and absolutely love the home we built just for them. Questions will come up along the way, and we will be there for you when they do.

    After the new home orientation is complete and the papers are all signed, we hand over the keys to the home that was once only a mere drawing of a dream but is now a reality. And we at Fall Creek Homes are so grateful for the opportunity to make that happen.