• Building a home is such an exciting step in your life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions and concerns along the way. No matter where you are in life, or what has you dreaming of a new home, there are a few things to consider before you pick the paint colors and hire the movers:

    1) Will your home be tough enough? Nothing’s worse than a lemon, a money pit, a savings sucker…. You don’t want a house that means tons of costly maintenance and you shouldn’t have to spend your weekends fixing things that weren’t done right.

    Since 1995, we’ve warranted more than 500 homes. We are committed to doing business with local companies, and seek out opportunities to give back to local charities. We are also very proud of the national recognition our company has received. Fall Creek Homes has been the recipient of the “Award of Distinction” from Residential Warranty Company for exemplary building practices and superior customer service. RWC members are an elite group that are screened each year for financial stability, ethical customer service, and quality workmanship. Fall Creek Homes has continually exceeded those criteria.

    2) What’s your builder’s expiration date? The best builders have a long track record and a line of happy homeowners grinning ear-to-ear even years after the last brick was laid and cabinet hung. When looking to build a new home, you want a builder who is invested in the community it’s building in, not a here-today, gone-tomorrow outfit.

    We have a vested interest to build great homes because great homes make for great communities. We live, work and play in the same areas we build in, so we want to see you at the local farmer’s market still in love with your Fall Creek Home. It’s what’s kept us in Fort Wayne for more than 30 years.

    3) How flexible is your builder? It’s great to point to a floor plan or a style and say “I want something like this,” but no one wants a carbon-copy home. You want to create a home that mimics your specific needs and lifestyle. When considering building a new home, make sure you know you can make some customizations in the plan and style of the project… to make your house fit YOU!

    We love taking one of our standard plans and moving a wall here or a doorway there in order to tweak the plan for you. We know that tastes are different and variety is the spice of life. We aren’t stuck to just a few plans and even fewer options. We start with what you might like, and then craft a custom project with your input and your vision.

    4) What’s the crew got to say about it? A home is only as good as the many subcontractors and craftsmen that are on the job swinging the hammer and running the saws. You might find a home you love, but if the workers aren’t in line with the vision, you might find the home to not be all you bargained for. Ultimately, it’s the contractors that fashion your house into a home.

    One thing we are very proud to share is that our contractors are the same from job to job. Some of these craftsmen have been with us for decades. That means something in this business…for them and for us. First, it means that we must be doing something right if we are able to keep contractors who are loyal to our brand and buy into our vision. Second, it means they must do great work to pass the Fall Creek Home quality test build after build.

    If you do decide to build a new home, we would be honored if you chose Fall Creek Homes as your builder. We work to give you and your home the attention necessary so that you enjoy every step of the process. Several of our homeowners have shared their personal experiences about their very own Fall Creek Home process. Check it out by clicking here!