• With the entertainment industry growing, more and more people want to improve their home viewing and listening experience. There are many options when it comes to incorporating a theater room in your home design.

    1. Soundbar with surround sound – This setup consists of speakers built into a bar shape for the center and left and right speakers, along with two rear speakers and a subwoofer. Adding a television and some comfortable chairs and you are set. Consider revamping your three seasons room or a spare bedroom for your theater room.
    2. Cinematic space – create a media room that feels as if you are sitting in your private theater. Large screen televisions create a visual experience that is sure to entertain. Built-in or external speakers, typically five to seven independent speakers as well as one or two subwoofers, can bring the sound to life.
    3. Theater rooms – a true theater room is complete with theater-style seating and a projector and screen can be combined with seven to nine speakers as well as two to three subwoofers to enhance your viewing pleasure.
    4. Screening rooms – This is a large-scale dedicated home theater environment that includes stadium-style seating, top-notch projector and huge screen as well as an array of speakers.

    As you thinking about an entertainment space,  you’ll want to either limit the amount of windows in the space or make plans for black-out curtains or superior blinds. No sense in creating a theater masterpiece only to have a nasty glare ruin your view.

    But it’s not just about the seating and screen size. Consider making plans for easy snack preparations and beverage storage. A small kitchenette or mini bar could be the answer. And while you’re at it, some forethought in restroom accessibility may be something to think about. Keeping a half-bath or powder room near your theater or entertainment space could be very useful.

    No matter what level you might want to have, planning for an at-home entertainment area is worth the investment. As an added value, you’ll be sure to be the house of choice for movie nights and sporting events.

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