• It’s easy to look around your home and fixate on the eye sores that stand out in a room — that outdated ottoman, the banged up bureau, the tired dining table. We all have that one piece of furniture that isn’t quite catalog quality. But, do you toss it or buy into the growing trend to re-do it?

    Before hauling that old piece to the curb, or selling it on a virtual garage sale site, here’s a few things to think about that might just bring new inspiration and style to that outdated piece.

    1. Why would you want to keep it? Is there a reason to keep this particular piece? Maybe it has some sentimental value or a special memory tied to it. All style pushed aside, do you genuinely like the piece? If your heart is in it, keep it! You can keep the piece you love and apply some effort to give it a new look.
    2. Will the piece function? Determining if your piece will serve a practical use or be something just for looks can help you gauge the level of work that needs to go into refurbishing your furniture. If there is a future use in this furniture’s purpose, assessing the strength and durability the piece has is important. If you’re just looking for a pretty piece to adorn your entryway, structure and sturdiness may not be so important.
    3. What’s your style? There’s a lot of work that goes into refurbishing a piece of furniture so it’s important to know your style before taking a paint brush to your item. If you prefer a more modern look, but your table is a bit dated, try some bright paint colors or mixing different chairs with your table. Not all furniture has to be built in the same style that you wish to decorate. Paint, a few added embellishments or simply changing the drawer pulls can make a piece look different. Check out different stencils and painting techniques for other ways to spruce up your look.

    Making your house your own means adding those pieces that mimic your style and personality. Don’t be afraid of those garage sale finds or estate sale deals. If the furniture you find has good bones and is structurally intact, a refurbish might just do the trick.

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