• It’s the season to live and love your backyard! However, landscaping with the right elements can be the difference maker in creating a space that’s inviting and enjoyable. Small changes can have a big impact if you know just where to focus your efforts. Color, focal points, cleaner lines and definition of space are just a few nuances that create transforming looks to an outdoor space.

    Highpoint in the hues

    Feeling like the yard is a bit boring? Want to amp up its curb appeal and impression? Consider planting annuals twice a year. Pansies and begonias are plants that can give your yard a pop of color and a little pizazz. The best part is, these plants are inexpensive and rather low maintenance. Consider placing a bed that borders the walkways in your yard. If you plant flowers close together, you can get a bigger bang for your buck as they grow and mature. Plant pansies in October and remove in early May. Begonia should be planted in Spring and pulled in September. Check with your local gardening supplier for other plants that work best in your region.

    Leave the lines simple

    Overgrown or neglected perennials can run amuck in a landscaping bed. Shrubs that aren’t tended to can be in desperate need of a good trimming.  A little attention to these plants can create a cleaner look for your landscaping. Sometimes less is more, and choosing to pull up a few plants or transplant them in a different part of the yard can allow for flowers to bloom more freely without cluttering your landscaping. Clean up border areas between beds and around trees or hardscapes such as arbors, mailboxes, pergolas, etc. If your beds don’t have edging, consider purchasing and installing plastic edging or rows of landscaping blocks to create clean lines and smooth edges in your yard.

    Paint polishes the look

    If you’re looking for a quick facelift, consider painting your front door a new color or installing a wooden arbor in your front yard. A new mailbox post and mailbox can make any yard look neater. If your landscaping is too plain, consider adding a decorative vine to a fence, archway or porch rail. Oversized potted plants make great accessories for front porches, wide front steps or on either side of a walkway. They can be moved to a different location or used seasonally for emphasis.

    When in doubt, peruse landscaping websites or magazines for inspiration and choose a simple project that you can complete, such as adding flowers around a mailbox or installing small shrubbery next to the front of your home. Tackling small projects will give you confidence for moving on to more complex tasks in the future.
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