• Summer weather brings a change in the season and the perfect time to be outdoors. So who wants to spend their time working on inside projects when there are so much to be done around the outside of your home. Need some ideas? Here’s a few to consider:

    Check the deck

    Decks are a great extension of living space that brings the party outdoors. But the party can fall flat when your deck isn’t maintained properly. Make sure that space is safe by inspecting the surface areas for stray nails or splintered wood. Also be on the lookout for loose deck boards, handrails, and spindles.

    Keep the cool air flowing

    On those days when the heat drives you to seek refuge indoors, it’s your poor air conditioner that will be working overtime to keep you cool. Keep your system run efficiently with a little attention paid to the air filters indoors. Air filters need to be checked and changed, in some areas even a few times during the season, to keep your machine working effectively. This keeps your energy bills in check and reduces the number of times the maintenance man visits your home.

    Get powerful on dirt

    It’s sunny, clear skies and warm temps — the perfect season to be outside with some power washing. Think about giving the outside of your home a deep cleaning. If your concrete driveway is stained from oil or bird droppings, rent a power washing machine or hire your favorite contractor to get the job done for you. Considering washing the siding and other outdoor areas that might not get attention during the off season.

    Clear glass is best

    If the kids are outside enjoying the summer day, join them in the backyard. But instead of simply playing include a little spraying — on the windows that is. Spray down the windows with your cleaning solution of choice and wipe them until they’re crystal clear. While you sit at the kitchen table and work or read a book, you can take in the beauty of your yard through your newly cleaned windows.

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