• Looking for a way to bring some needed new life to your new home? Need a style to a drab living space? Here are some great, interesting design tips that will make you stand out from the rest.

     Bring more of YOU into your space

    Add a splash of your personal taste to your décor. There’s no need to start from square one and plan for a large redecorating budget. Small, affordable accents can add color, personality, and charm to any room in your new home.

    Mix timeless trends with personalized styles that are eye catching and exciting. Keeping to an accent color or sticking close to a design genre can help your décor appear coherent and connected. Choosing to work with accents pieces means it’s not only affordable but simple to change when you want to give your home a new look in the future or tweak for different systems.

     Hit ‘em at the door…with color

    Your front door makes a huge impression about you, did you know that? The color you choose says a lot about your personality, so why make it boring? For the house full of life and flavor, paint your front door a bright shade! Choose from shades of green, blue, yellow or red to make a real statement to the rest of your street!

    These colors are inviting and fresh.You can continue this theme throughout your new home; why not paint the door to your bedroom a fun color or your window panes? The options are limitless, and they’ll make your personality shine through! You could even take the color of your front door and inject it into your furniture or homewares.

     Color your outside world

    Your backyard shouldn’t be separated from the rest of your house, it should complement it. Rather than have a solid divide from your home, inject some personality into your garden. Choose colored flowers and plant your favorite veggies. Don’t let the fall weather drive you indoors.

    Keep your friend’s company all year round with the help of a fire pit. They keep you and your friends warm and cozy, plus they look gorgeous! Some great outdoor furniture can bring both style and color to your patio or deck.

     Hang some color on your wall

    Gone are the days when teenagers were the only ones who had posters on their walls! If you’d like to upgrade from the old-fashioned posters stuck to walls with thumbtacks, frame them! We’re not just talking posters of your favorite 80’s band. No, you can find great pictures and other “art” at craft stores to add color to drab spaces. By choosing some decorative frames, you can immediately have great style without breaking the bank. You can choose any frames you like, along with any posters you like, and stick them up on your wall!

    Your new home never has to be void of color and style. The great part is, your quest for color will add personality to your space. Take all of your favorite things, whether it be bright colors, veggies or even pop culture, and inject it into your decor. There are no rules when it comes to interior design, so why not show off your true self in your own home?

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