• Now that the weather is turning a bit chilly, it’s time to bring the fun indoors. With the holidays soon to be upon us, no doubt you’ll want the interior of your home to be fresh and fabulous. However, putting your home’s interior on display does not have to be costly or take up a lot of your free time. Here’s a few quick and easy tips to give your space a spruce without breaking the bank:

    Flip your art

    You’ve got a lot of great items showcased on your walls, but you look at it every day. Try simply mixing it up. Take pieces from the bedroom and mix it into your living room décor. Or try putting a little artistic flair in your bathroom. If you have summer or spring themed art, try replacing it with some more fall and winter inspired pieces. But beware of over stylizing your space. Too much art can be a lot for your eyes to take in. Designers suggest creating some blank space in your room so that the eyes of your guests have a place to rest.


    Soothe the senses

    Fall brings with it amazing scents. From rich cider smells to warm backing scents, fall is rich with yummy smells. Bring some of those scents to life with aroma enhancers, candles, and oil diffusers. Winter and holiday scents can be fresh and crisp with evergreen and spiced smells. These scents are inviting. Spread the scent love throughout the home by placing candles and aroma enhancers in other areas of your home beside the living room and kitchen. Enlighten your guest bathroom with a tub of floating candles and pretty potpourri. You’ll bring a delightful spark to your holiday visits and create a warm scent palette for their noses.

    Beautify your bedroom

    Nothing says trendy bedroom like new, crisp bedding. Cooler temperatures welcome the warmth of a cozy bed, so think rich textures and luxurious fabrics. Warm tones create a space that beckons a soothing slumber. Try adding a fresh set of linens mixed with your favorite quilt or warm blanket. Removing clutter from your bedside tables will bring a clean look to your space without costing you a thing. Spread a little of your holiday décor to the bedroom to add a seasonal flair to your room.


    Buy new bulbs

    Light bulbs can shed powerful ambiance to any space. Make sure you are using your lights properly. In the winter, you need more light in your space since the sun is sometimes lacking for days on end. Create a brighter space by double checking the amount of wattage your fixture can use. Look into energy-efficient bulbs, which may cost more than a standard bulb, but last longer and can cut down electric bills. Either way, bringing light to your space automatically makes the room inviting.

    Wash those windows

    Because the sun isn’t always as powerful during the winter months, be sure to give those windows a good cleaning. Knocking off the dry dusty days of summer from your windows will allow what little bit of winter light there is to stream in. You can have a gorgeous room, but if the windows are dingy and dirty, it won’t be as great of an impact. To create a little more pizazz to the room, consider updating your window treatments. Add curtains that bring life to a room with a fun pattern or color scheme. You can create quite the scene when your windows are flanked by beautiful treatments that create a stage for winter scenes outside.

    Update accessories

    If accessories can make or break an outfit, so can they impact your home’s décor. When it comes to an easy way to spruce up your space, look for great accents or accessories to create a “wow” look. Accent pillows with rich colors and trendy patterns can bring new life to a sofa or chair. Even your bedroom can get an overhaul with some great throw pillows. Do you have a great throw blanket or small quilt? Try displaying it over the back of your couch or across the arm of a chair. Bring out mirrored accessories or glass vases to bounce light around your room. Candles and twinkling lights create a lively space with movement that evokes warm hearts and conversation.

    Lose the magnets

    Create a clean, tidy look in your kitchen by simply getting rid of the paper, business cards, coupons, and art projects stuck to the front of your fridge. Clutter creates a messy look and it’s easy to fill up your fridge and your countertops with stuff. If you clear it out and put it away, your kitchen looks neat, looks brighter and can look bigger.




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