• When designing a new home, our clients want great kitchens and open living spaces. The next item on their must-have list is storage. Never is storage more wanted than in the closet. Creating these spaces means designing for function and maximizing every square inch. Here are a few ideas to make even the smallest closet packed with storage potential.

    1).  Bedroom vs. closet

    Don’t just assume your dresser or armoire must sit in the bedroom. Especially if the room is small, placing a dresser or other bedroom furniture in the closet can open the room. At the same time, this option can create more organized storage while maximizing the vertical space your closet can offer.

    2).  Don’t dismiss the small space

    Take good stock of every inch in a small closet. Using over-the-door storage options can not only organize a smaller space but can give you even more room for belts, scarves, and other smaller accessories. Bins and baskets on the floor work great for grab-and-go items and can maximize space under hanging bars.

    3).  The shelves have it

    Some items work better folded rather than hung. When considering shelves in your closet remember that shelves should be about 12 inches deep. Avoid making shelves too deep. Wide, deeper shelves only take up the valuable real estate in a closet. You may consider ventilated shelves to allow airflow around clothes which will minimize mold, mildew and other closet pests.

    4). Hang it up

    No matter what other amenities your closet may sport, some clothes just work better when they are hung. To keep those hanging items looking neat and tidy, hang like items together using the same hanger style for each type of garment. Bonus points if you organize like items by color or season. Another tip for designing the hanging space in your closet is to use adjustable and removable bars. This allows you some flexibility as you work in more hanging items during the different seasons. If you tend to have more long hanging items such as sundresses and maxi skirts in the summer, you may want to change your bar configuration.

    5). Hang your hat high

    Top shelves in the closet may be forgotten storage space. Because it can be hard to reach or access, the shelf that sits at the very top of your closet may be more of an area to collect junk and clutter. However, a nice hat box or storage bin can make better, more organized, use of this tucked away space.

    6). Light it up

    No matter how big or how small your closet space may be, lighting makes all the difference. Even the most functional space needs great lighting to make the closet useful and inviting. Consider ceiling-mount lighting that doesn’t have to be hardwired for reach-in closets. Lamps are a luxurious way to add light to walk-in spaces. Windows, while great for natural light, can cause fading for clothes if too much sunlight breaks in. Consider installing a light-blocking curtain and opting for lighting you can control that is illuminating, but not damaging to your wardrobe.

    If you’re building your new home with Fall Creek Homes, our design team is happy to help you make the most of your closet space. Ask us how we can make your space functional and beautiful all while considering quality and your budget!